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Water heating doesn’t have to be the major household running cost that it used to be Envirosun has a range of energy efficient products to slash your water heating costs and help create a sustainable low carbon future on the

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The Envirosun and Enviroheat story is one of continuous improvement and innovation stretching back some twenty-five years. We know what works, what lasts and what’s needed.  and while they are not the biggest hot water heating company in Australia, they are dedicated to delivering the latest proven technology in solar and heat pump energy efficient hot water systems

Envirosun have the absolute highest levels of quality control in solar hot water manufacturing in Australia, this makes installing an Envirosun a satisfied feeling that our clients with have a trouble free experience and save some serious $ on future energy costs

Envirosun has a group of highly experienced solar hot water experts throughout south east Queensland and beyond giving you the consumer direct access to this specialist solar hot water network. Envirosun also has a distribution abilities nationwide through the solar specialists chain and merhant stores, you need look no further than us for the supply and installation of Envirosun solar hot water systems throughout the Gold Coast. We also have the Enviroheat heat pump hot water system, undoubtedly the best value for money and quality made heat pump in the market. Contact us on 1300 609 606 for more information and prices for the Enviroheat heat pump on the Gold Coast, best prices, best installations, best products guaranteed 

Envirosun is a quality solar hot water product owned by the Western Australia company Energie Group Australia, a company with hot water industry beginnings that is coming up to being 3 decades old and has justifiably earned the name within the hot water industry for having great value for money products with their quality solar hot water systems and a extensive product range to suit all of Australia’s varying environments and weather conditions

100% Australian Owned Solar Hot Water

The Envirosun solar hot water range is made from the highest quality Australian, European and Asian made products available and are assembled here in Australia, we source local products where we can to make the best solar hot water system in the hot water industry. Envirosun supports Australian manufacturing where available .  ALL profits remain Australian and reinvested into building the range of quality  Envirosun Solar and Enviroheat Heat Pump hot water systems.  Big enough to have a complete range yet small enough to care and have the Quality control in hot water manufacturing that is second to none.

It has never been more important for Australians to support Australian companies


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Envirosun TS Plus Solar Hot Water Heater

The Envirosun TS Plus Thermosyphon (roof mounted tank) solar hot water systems is a absolute quality water heater with a European made 444 Stainless Steel cylinder and full copper solar collector manifold inside a insulated and sealed aluminum frame that come with a massive 7 year warranty on both tank and solar panels.  With the ultimate advantage of the Stainless steel tank is not just long lasting but the cylinder light weight when it is compared to the standard mild steel vitreous enamel lined solar’s and also does not have the need for a sacrificial anode as the do and having them changed every 4-5 years to protect the tank from deterioration. Saving you more $ in required scheduled services

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Envirosun AS Solar Hot Water Systems

The Envirosun ‘AS Solar hot water range’ of pumped or active solar hot water systems offers greater flexibility, improved aesthetics and higher storage capacity compared to the roof mounted solar tank systems

Envirosun AS “active systems” only require the solar collectors to be installed on the roof with the hot water storage tank is situated at ground level or any other convenient and out-of-the-way location. The operating principle of these systems is relatively simple – when the solar collectors are able to add heat to the water within the solar panels, a small pump (uses under 30watts of power” is switched on to circulate hot-water from the collectors and replace it with cool water from the tank. Once the tank is full of hot-water, the pump is switched off, but ready for the next cycle. The storage tank on these split solar hot water systems can be heated to 70deg+, 5-10deg hotter than a roof mounted solar therefore provides more hot water

While pumped systems have been around for many years, modern electronics and materials have brought improvements in both function and reliability. Today’s Envirosun AS solar hot water systems adopt many of these technological advances and blend them with our collector technology, to create our range of high-performance Envirosun active solar hot water systems.

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Envirosun Solar Hot Water Panels

Envirosun Solar hot water panels are very durable and made from high quality components.

Internal pipework and collector plates are made from copper coated black for faster and nore heat absorption

The frames are aluminum completely sealed with toughened glass and fully insulated on the underside to trap heat within

Envirosun have solar panels in 2 different sizes, a 2m2 panel and a 2.5m2 solar collector panel. this offers a great option for the different climates and orientation of roofs to the sun

Quality solid brass 22mm fittings connecting the pipework and panels together

Slimline and very neat looking doesn’t look terrible on your roof

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Enviroheat Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Enviroheat is fast becoming Australia’s first choice in heat pump hot water systems

Built for us exclusively by the World’s largest appliance manufacturer to our strict quality control and a focus on performance and reliability has lead this heat pump to be unmatched in its class

Enviroheat hot water systems are up to 71% more energy efficiency that results in massive savings for the consumer, this is many thousands of dollars over the life of the water heater

So confident in the reliability, The Enviroheat hot water system comes with a 5 year replacement warranty on any tank or mechanical failure within this period

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The Envirosun Solar Hot Water and Enviroheat Heat Pump dealer installer network is a group of hand picked quality and professional tradespeople and what sets us apart from the other solar hot water franchised businesses who purchase their rights and pay ongoing fees and royalties is a regional Envirosun dealer does not have the right to sell or pass on their business with Envirosun / Airoheat agreement in place. We only offer the area dealership to a chosen few and is audited on their business ethics and workmanship. So you can be assured by contacting our dealers through the regions website you will be contact the elite of hot water specialists. 

On the Gold Coast Envirosun has had a long standing relationship with Todds Plumbing and Electrical

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Envirosun solar hot water heaters are the perfect replacement solar hot water system for your existing solar water heater like- Solahart solar hot water systems,  Rheem solar hot water heaters,  Edwards solar hot water systems, AquaMAX solar hot water heaters, Rinnai solar hot water systems,  Dux solar hot water heaters Beasley solar hot water systems,Chromagen solar hot water heaters,Bosch solar hot water systems,  Hills solar hot water heaters, Apricus solar hot water systems, Sunrain solar hot water systems Saxon solar hot water heaters, Conergy solar hot water heaters, Solarark solar hot water systems, Solargain solar hot water heaters, Thermann solar hot water systems, Sunergy solar hot water heaters, Ecosmart solar hot water systems

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